Bridalvenus Black Gothic Lace Choker Necklace Velvet Clavicle Choker Leather for Women and Girls (2 Sets Black and Tan)

  • @joselielois
Hey guys, today I am here to do a review on this choker that I'm on right now because I am in love, like I am a choker lover. But this one, like I've never seen anything like this where it has a chain that goes down. It is so, so pretty. It's simple, but yet it add so much to my surprise. There was also a black one, and I feel like with a black one and a nude one, like I'll have one for like every outfit, so I was super excited about that. The material feels really good, and I'm super happy because like in the box, the company sends like a little note basically, just saying that like your satisfaction is like their guarantee, and I know exactly what it said. But it's like along the lines, and I just feel like not a lot of companies do that anymore. So it was really nice that the company reaches out to you. They send you a good product, and they send it for a good price. I'm super happy, and I will be wearing this, and the black one a lot.