Bridalvenus Black Gothic Lace Choker Necklace Velvet Clavicle Choker Leather for Women and Girls (2 Sets Black and Tan)

  • @alleeee94
Hey everybody, so I want to start off by saying that I hands down give these chokers five stars. I'm not a big fan of chokers, never have been. But when I try it on, I fall in love. I thought it was so cute and classy and a little sassy. Anyways, I see chokers everywhere like everyone is wearing one but I haven't seen one with like this little detail they're so cute, I love it. The best part is I when I order I didn't even know it came with a pack of two and it came with a black one. I love black and I think this one's perfect especially if I'm like going out at night you know the night life, going to the bar, hanging out with my friends, going on a date. It's super sexy. I love it and this collection by Bridal Venus it is perfect. They have so many you have to check it out. They have so many necklaces. Very cute, very delicate. They also have wedding accessories for your hair, they have watches, they have you name it and this is like the perfect price. If you go on Amazon you can get it for $7 so I would definitely recommend everyone to go and buy it. It's very cute. You can make it fancy or you can just make it casual.