Boston Red Sox "Caterpillar 47 Pro Wool" Cooperstown Fitted Navy Cap / Hat size 7 1/2

  • @leegit
Teddy boy, Cryish Gransky, Troy O'Leary. What are these things have in common with this hat? They're vintage. I am an old timer. I'm a ballgamer. I've been to Fenway, that's an old time park. What do you need to fit in at the back? This cap. I love this cap. It fits like a glove even though it's a hat. I'm over the moon. I'm over the moon about it. When I go to the games. I am a good guy. What's on their field? And, people are always complimenting me on that cap. They think it's work shop. I love it. You can wear it forwards, backwards and they got the socks to the side. If you're feeling crazy anybody else? Rally Cap. Rally Cap, accessible. That's important not these days, but the Sox are good at playing but usually, it's great.