Stormchaser - Black & White. American Made Lightning Bolt Dress / Casual Socks

  • @jakebarry
Just a quick review of the Boldfoot Stormchaser Black & White Lightning Bolt Socks. These are super comfy socks. I've been wearing them for two days now. It's not quite enough time to tell you about the quality, but they seem pretty strong. They don't seem like they are. I had purchased socks before that, you know, I actually just bought a pair from pretty well known fashion brand, and within the first day there was a hole in the heel, and I hadn't really been doing anything active, or anything so. So these aren't that bad. These, you know, they're holding up just fine after a couple of days, but they look really cool. It's cold. I have a pair of black and white socks with a pattern most of my dress socks are either crazy patterns, or just plain solid colors, and especially my black socks. There aren't a lot of black socks out there with a simple pattern on them. So this is great for going with, you know, when you need to have a more dressy outfit, but they're also really casual. So they're super comfy, they're breathable which is one of my main complaints with a lot of socks is that they often don't breathe very well, but these are really breathable. They're not super warm which is, you know, generally what you don't want that from a dress sock. But if you are looking for a warmer sock, these aren't, you know, these are the warmest socks in the world, but they're quality, and very comfortable, easy to put on. A lot of socks are really tightly knit, and don't go on very well. These are, you know, very stretchy, and comfy and yeah, super stylish So it's that, I'd recommend them.