Amber Ale Polarized | L Series

  • @shopperlocker
So here we've got the Amber Polarized Sunglasses from Blenders San Diego and what I like is that these are really high quality sunglasses with some really good look to them. I still loved wearing them around but they also came with a sticker, nice little postcard, which was really cool. It with a nice customized message from the people who made it, and it also surprisingly came with this really nice high quality microfiber cleaning cloth that also doubles as a bag for the case. So it's really nice that it didn't just come with these sunglasses. It came with some other stuff that really made me feel a little bit more brand loyal. I might actually go out and buy some more blenders. Really, I like the look of them. I'll wear, I'll put them on real quick, and I don't always love brown sunglasses but these actually ended up looking really good, and I've gotten a lot of compliments from them, and yeah. I'd highly recommend this.