Black Box

  • @djmgearz
Hi, this is my second review of Black Box Wine. A little more in-depth here. So basically this things won a couple of awards. There's about four bottles in this box of wine. It costs about 15 bucks at Costco. It says it lasts six weeks. Typical bottle of wine only lasts a couple of days after it's open. So we'll let the test that later if the box of wine last that long. Felt 13 percent alcohol by volume so it packs a punch certainly and just like your typical bag of wine if you can see in the top here, I don't think you can with the light but there's a there's a bag of wine in there. Slap in the bag on the line so glad it's back in my life. All right pretty good color to the wine. I haven't tasted it yet but it seems to be like your typical glass. It's red and looks like wine so we'll give it a shot. All right so here's my final post. It's me drinking it. Not really of sommelier or anything like that. Just the typical guy. It's not that bad. It's a little bit tannic I think it's the word that the kids use to describe that odd taste. It's drinkable for sure. Definitely drinkable. You know it's not as good as your typical bottle of wine that you'd get at a you know upper scale restaurant but it's not like a bag of wine that you'd slap in Carl's basement or something like that. It's a good rich deep wine with some flavor. Maybe some you know some good like