Andar Leather Slim Wallet, Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Card Holder Made of Full Grain Leather (Dark Brown)

  • @austindoesdesign
Hey guys, I'm doing a review of the Andar The Scout. It's a wallet. Minimalist wallet with RFID blocking which is cool. Comes in this little pouch here and also a card I'm guessing that just kind of tells you info about Andar and their brand. So I actually have a similar wallet, this is my current wallet. It's kind of beat up. As you can see it's just very minimal. Very similar so when I saw this one I was like oh I kind of like I could just replace my current wallet with this one hopefully. Depending on how it works. So as you can see very, very tiny, very flat. It's got two pockets on the side. One kind of big inner pocket here. Which has something in it. It's just a little thing. Same on both sides actually. Has two pockets here. It's kind of outer pocket and then again two pockets and another pocket there. Feels sturdy and nice. The leather feels great compared to my current wallet, it's just a little bigger. But I think it will actually stay. I think this one will be thicker whereas this one is obviously thinner so I'm hoping this can just replace my wallet. I actually like the color a lot too. It's kind of dark. It's much darker than this one obviously but it's just like a good dark and I like that it's not like I don't know this I don't like when a wallet looks like brand new. I think it just looks tacky. So this one is like a little distressed. I don't know if you can see the details on this but it's like a little it just looks a little beat up. But I kind of like that. Like that's it had some style.