Andar Leather Slim Wallet, Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Card Holder Made of Full Grain Leather (Dark Brown)

  • @sergii
Here's our wallet. I like this little bag a lot. It feels pretty good, I like the material. All right, I just put a little scratch on purpose with my nail. So that's something that you got to be aware of but it might give it a better look like old one if you can you can going to scratch it a lot with a dime but otherwise that does not disappear, no matter what you try. Let's try to on it and rub it off little, still does not happen. Here's my old one. Let's pull some pull some card. Put it in and see how that feels. Here's my card you guys didn't see any info thankfully. Yeah, give them my ID the inside of it. It's pretty cool for like a couple of cards because I've got a big fat guy right there. It fits a lot of stuff in but this little boy is pretty good to go to the restaurant and don't carry a lot of crap with you. Yes that's what I think. I'll put a four stars because it's scratchable.