Andar Leather Slim Wallet, Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Card Holder Made of Full Grain Leather (Dark Brown)

  • @stevenagar
This is my review of the Scout Brown Leather Wallet by Andar. Comes in this nifty little box here inside a pouch. Perfect for a gift. Take out of the pouch. I have already been using it. I've been using it about a week now. I'm loving it. It's about slimmer, and smaller than my previous wallet. Lot of space here are cards, and cards, and two more slots on the side. So still quite a slim profile. You can see even though I have four, or five cards in there, I have cash in herem I have a couple of loyalty cards, and neat little feature at the bottom. Put your RFID cards down at the bottom, and it will prevent them from being scanned maliciously by somebody passing you. Just one thing, it's not a negative, just cause it is leather, I've only been using it a week, well you can see we have some scuff marks, but I think that just adds to the to the design of the wallet. So the character of the wallet is what I'm looking for. OK.