Andar Leather Slim Wallet, Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Card Holder Made of Full Grain Leather (Dark Brown)

  • @actionjackson
How's it going everybody, gonna do a simple unboxing of the new Andar Slim RFID Wallet. Gonna compare it to my old fat wallet here. So, pretty simple. You know very slim elegant RFID looks like it has you know right amount of cardholders. Looks like you can fit a few bills in there. Really excited about it because you know sometimes you can put this thing in your back pocket but you just want to have a good solid front pocket wallet. So let's just take it out and try a couple cards here see kind of how it fits. Yes, looks like it will work. So I got a bill here. Looks like it's you know nice leather too it will probably give some good wear over time. So what do you feel in your pocket? Let's test it out. Slim, nice and easy.