All-New Echo Dot (2nd Generation) - Black

  • @followsol
Hey guys! So the Amazon Echo is basically the hottest thing right now. I have one in my living room and now I'm reviewing the Echo Dot, which is the little portable unit that basically fits everywhere, and it's meant to be able to put in every room in, and it just makes it so much more powerful because you're always listening. So let me show it to you. So you could see, it's really small. It doesn't take a lot of room. It's easy to kind of hide in the corner and it does everything that the Big Brother version does. So like I use it for Smarthome. I'm using my genie products. So Alexa, turn off bedroom. OK. Alexa, set bedroom to 5 percent OK. So it's really cool. You could do it either for individual devices or using the Alexa app you can group stuff together and you could say, you know, turn off my bed, my bedroom in my living room and I'll do it by group. So it's really, really cool. The audio pick up is very good. It could easily pick up your voice from anywhere and it could do, in addition to Smarthome, we can also say things like in the morning you wake up and you say, "Alexa, what's the weather?" In New York, it's 44 degrees with cloudy skies. Tonight, you can look for showers with a low of forty degrees. Alexa, tell me a joke. There's a fine line between a numerator and denominator. It's not funny at all. So in summary, I give the Echo Dot five stars. Buy an Echo Dot. Buy a Genie Smarthome devices to go with it, and you'll have a happy smart home family.