Allbirds Wool Runners Men's

  • @michael
Coming at you with the review of the Wool Runner Allbirds Shoes. Just got them in last week. They're made of wool. Couple of guys from New Zealand started them. The shoe is pretty slick. Looks really nice. Really, really comfortable. Runs you about ninety five dollars. You can run in them, you can explore. Really just a great shoe all around. Very stylish. They have men's and women's. I've been having some feet tendonitis, some issue with my feet and put these on and the pain isn't there with regular sneakers. They're really comfortable. They have wool soles inside that you can replace for like 10 or 20 dollars, that Allbirds will replace for you which is pretty sweet, and they just look really, really nice on my feet. Allbirds awesome shoe. Can't say enough about the company. They're doing some cool work. They give shoes to Free Soles, which is a company that takes lightly worn shoes and gives them to third world countries. They're doing some awesome stuff. They're stylish. Highly recommend Allbirdrs shoes. Boom. Right on my computer too.