Allbirds Wool Runners Men's

  • @z
We have here the Allbirds Wool Runners. You got them like the darkest color. You can see the Allbirds is a little worn out in there. I've had them for I'd say a month or two. Pretty convenient shoe. I think they're pretty stylish. Now, they just recently came out with this with a white bottom, which I actually prefer, and I get those. Easy to slip on, slip off. You can wear them barefoot although, I don't really, but that's actually one of the benefits is because they're made of wool. They're not supposed to smell as bad so that's that might be useful. Also you can go on a run with them I'm about go on a run with. I think if you have the type of feet that need like ASICS or Brooks they might not be the best running shoes for you but if you can kind of run on anything or are you only going a mile or two, they're pretty good so Allbirds