Allbirds Wool Runners Men's

  • @kankakeekennedy
All right, hello, welcome to filming of me opening up my Allbirds shoes just arrived today. This is the Wool Runner which is a natural grey in new bottom, the white bottom. Very comfortable shoe. I know it doesn't look like I've worn them, but I have a little bit. Just going to show you how they arrived which is pretty cool. The grey shoe as well as the black. This is the natural black. So in terms of finding a comfortable shoe to wear at desk all day long. Here we go. Nice and simple. Kick off easy to slip on. It is kind of dark here. They're easy to slip on, and slip out, and not too non dressy, so a good fit, very comfortable shoe. The delivery time was great. Turnaround time, and the ordering, and arrival were excellent. So look forward to wearing these in over the course of the next few months. Hopefully ordering more down the line.