All-New Echo Dot (2nd Generation) - Black

  • @manvswald
Alexa, will you do me a favor? Turn on some Flo Rida play a "My house." My house by Flo Rida. Welcome to my house Amazon Echo Dot Review coming at you. This is what Alexa looks like up close. I guess you could say that she has a round figure. So the technology is cool. The question that you get is what do you actually use it for. The big one for me is whether probably twice a day rather than scrambling around my house to find my phone. I'll just ask Alexa, what's the weather? In New York it's 51 degrees with cloudy skies. Tonight you can look for mostly clear sky. I also use it for music and I use it for sports to get the score, the time of the game. The other use case you hear people talk about are timers and shopping lists. I shop a ton on Amazon but haven't actually used the Echo for for shopping but if you value those three use cases, sports, music, weather and I think weather alone for me like justifies the $50 reasonable price. Then it's worth getting. So the last thing I'd mention is distance. I've been very impressed by how good and how far ranging the microphone is. I can be up the stairs and behind a wall and ask for the weather and Alexa will pick it up. So no worries there and actually it's probably better than you'd expect it to be.