Alcott Hill 5 Piece Deep Seating Group with Cushion

  • @manvswald
Hey Mystery, so today's the big day. Two years in this apartment. Three months with this huge box in my living room. I'm finally gonna set up and review this patio set. It may take me three days. It may take me three months. I may never finish, but I'm going to start. Haven't folded these cushions yet. Let's do an instant review of the softness. You get my feedback in in real time here. Definitely not a home run, but for an outdoor cushion, pretty good. First chair is completed day later. Reminds me a little bit of that saying about Linux. It's only free if your time has no value. These chairs only cost what they cost. If your time has no value, otherwise they're considerably more expensive. Four days later and the patio set is complete, and I've got to say, not just because it took me four days, these chairs are extremely comfortable. For the money, I'm very happy. You kinda lounge back with the foot rest here, or sit straight. I've been kind of working out here basically all day. So, if you're in the market for something, these are the Fulton Hill Chairs from wafer.