Aduro - Apple Certified / MFi - (6 Feet, 2 Meters) USB to Lightning Charge & Sync Cable fits all Apple Devices with Lightning Connector (Fiber Black)

  • @mjsc
Hi, this is Mary and I'm going to review the Aduro Power Cable for iPhone, iPad, all that great stuff. I've had it now for over a month. I really like it a lot. I switch it between my iPhone and my iPad all the time. I roll it up, I pack it, I bring it to work. I travel with it. It's extremely durable, it's very flexible and the great thing about is it's six feet long, so you can just you know go anywhere with it and reach all sorts of awkward places when you need to power and still use your devices. I like the look of it. I would definitely buy it again. I would love to see it come in different colors so that everyone in the family could have a different color and they wouldn't be fighting over their power cords and I would like to see them do more products maybe make some headphones with this kind of covering because I think it really helps make everything last longer. So I'm going to give it pretty high recommendation.