Aduro PowerUP Smart 6-Port USB Rapid Charger for Apple iPhone 6 / 5, iPad Air 2 / mini 3, Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / S5 / Note 4 / 3, Nexus 6 / 9 (Solid White)

  • @judyyz
Hello I'm here reviewing the Aduro Power tower six port charging station. I've already taken out of the box and plugged it in seems to be working pretty well. Now according to the box that says we can charge up to two tablets and four smartphones at once. This is great because my wife and I have a lot of devices we'd like to plug them all in and charge them without having to first plug in our laptops so that we can just always have this available. So let's try out and see it over. We'll start with an iPod or sorry iPad excuse me. And so we plugged it in seems to be charging. Next we have a Xiaomi battery pack. So we're going to plugged that in and looks like it has started charging so this is good for a very good start. Now we have a Bluetooth speaker and we plugged that in and it is charging as well. All three things are changing. Finally an iPhone, I will go ahead, plugged that in and see double check the plug over here. And the iPhone is charging as well. So we've got four devices all charging at the same time via the power tower looks good on the desk it's nice and white and kind of fits in the corner. Probably the cord is the ugliest part but we'll keep it seems seems good. Highly recommended.