Aduro - Apple Certified / MFi - (6 Feet, 2 Meters) USB to Lightning Charge & Sync Cable fits all Apple Devices with Lightning Connector (Fiber Black)

  • @whysmk
This is a review of the Aduro cord for the iPhone, iPad and iPhone. It is called the Lightning Charge & Sync Cable. It says it's six feet long, which it is. This is what it actually looks like. It has a very, very solid structure to it. Here's my old charger. As you can see, it upgrade. I've actually used it for a long time looking like this and I wanted to replace it so when I saw the offer for this I had to take it up take them up on it, and I am very pleased with it. It's a little bit slower to charge than my old cord but I'm okay with that. It is a longer cord so I think that is why it slows down the charging but it's well worth it. Especially because I'm not knocking my phone off of my desk all the time with a longer cord like I do with the shorter one. I give it a five star.