Review Discount FAQs

What's a review discount?
It's an exclusive discount you get on a product in exchange for creating a video review later.
How do I create a video review?
Use the camera tab in the app to record yourself talking about the product, describe what you like and don't like, and assign a star rating. That's it - it just takes a few minutes!
What are the requirements for the video review?
There are 3 simple requirements:
  • you need to show yourself talking about the product, because people want to see who the opinion is coming from!
  • you need to show the product, ideally in action (e.g., if it's a shoe review, show the shoes on your feet)
  • the review must be at least 30 seconds long
If I accept a review discount, how long do I have to create the review?
When you accept a review discount, you're only charged the discounted price up front, and we ask that you post your review within 3 weeks of receiving your discounted product. Don't worry, we'll send you reminder emails to help you to remember to do it! If, after 3 weeks, you haven't posted a review, we'll send you a final reminder before charging your card for the amount of the review discount that you received.
Can the review be negative?
Yes! With Cartcam, we're trying to build a more authentic and insightful shopping experience. If you were disappointed by the product, don't hold back.
What's my incentive to create a useful, insightful review?
Shoppers who create the most useful, insightful, and honest reviews will start to see special discounts and offers within Cartcam. The best way to get rewarded is to try to create the review you would want to see if you were deciding whether to buy the product.