Review Discount FAQs

What's a review discount?
It's an exclusive discount you get on a product in exchange for creating a video review later. When we say exclusive, we mean it - you won't find Cartcam's prices anywhere else, and we're consistently 30-90% cheaper than Amazon!
How do I create a video review?
Use the Cartcam app to record or upload a video of yourself talking about the product. Cartcam reviews can be as short as 30 seconds, casual, and honest. That's right - your review can be negative. With Cartcam, we're trying to build a more authentic and insightful shopping experience, so don't hold back if you were disappointed by the product.
If I accept a review discount, how long do I have to create the review?
3 weeks from when you receive the product. If you accept a discount, you're only charged the discounted price. If you haven't posted a review after 3 weeks, we'll email you to make sure you no longer want to post a review before charging you for the amount of the discount that you received (this rarely happens because Cartcam reviews are so quick and easy to create).