The app for opinionated,
deal-seeking shoppers

Cartcam is a shopping app that lets you buy products at significant discounts (30%-100%) in exchange for creating short video reviews.

About Cartcam

Cartcam is a shopping app. It's just like Amazon, except most products are significantly discounted and every review is a video review.

Cartcam lets sellers offer “review discounts” on their products. A review discount is an exclusive discount a shopper gets in exchange for creating a video review later. For shoppers, this means that Cartcam lets them buy amazing products at significant discounts (30%-100%) simply for spending a few minutes sharing their opinions afterwards.

Cartcam video reviews can be casual, honest, and as short as 30 seconds. If you accept a review discount, you have 3 weeks to post your review of the product, starting from the day that you receive it. The Cartcam app makes it easy to record and upload your review once you're ready.

There is no catch. Cartcam is a startup on a mission to create the worlds most authentic and insightful shopping platform, and Cartcam’s sellers love video content because it helps them demonstrate what real people like - or don't like - about their products. Giving shoppers a great deal for spending a few minutes creating a review is a win for everyone.

Sell on Cartcam

Selling on Cartcam is a quick and easy way to generate high-converting video content for your business, and listing your products on Cartcam takes just a few minutes.

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